Cyspera Intensive™

Cyspera Intensive™


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Cyspera Intensive™ is formulated with a cysteamine catalyst complex that delivers a powerful antioxidant activity to improve the appearance of persistent brown patches and dark spots.



Make The Move To Even Skin Tone

Cyspera® Intensive System™ pigmentation corrector cream is formulated with the unique Cysteamine Isobionic-Amide Complex™️ that activates powerful synergistic effects, and is clinically proven to be fast and effective to target hyperpigmentation without the concerns of corticosteroids, retinoic acid and hydroquinone.

Cysteamine + Isobionic-Amide
Isobionic-Amide multiplies the pigment correction efficacy of Cysteamine by inhibiting multiple steps in the melanogenesis pathway.

Cysteamine + AHA
AHA stabilises Cysteamine, which enhances its permeability into the skin and reduces its smell on skin

Isobionic-Amide + AHA
AHA reacts immediately with Isobionic-Amide, which produces an instant pigment lightening

The Cyspera® Intensive System™ is a powerful, yet gentle, 12 to 16 week depigmenting home treatment cream for hyperpigmentation concerns anywhere on the face or body with no associated downtime or side effects.

- Significantly improve the appearance of stubborn brown patches and dark spots
- Brighten and even skin tone with a natural glow
- Suitable for all skin tones and can be used from head to toes
- Recommended by dermatologists                                                                                        - Powerful antioxidant activity for improved skin health
- Non-cytotoxic, non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic                                                              - Well tolerated for long-term use   


What Can It Treat?

Melasma, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation(acne marks), Lentigo, Freckles, Axillae, Elbows, knees & Finger Joints Hyperpigmentation, Periorbital Hyperpigmentation, Lips Discoloration.



Allergies to ingredients in the system

Personal or family history of Vitiligo

Pregnancy or breastfeeding

On Roaccutane

Eczema or compromised skin barrier



A warming sensation and mild redness might occur immediately after application, but it will usually disappear 30 minutes after washing off the skin. This is a normal reaction and may happen during the first few days of treatment.
In case of sustained redness, stop cysteamine for a few days and continue to moisturise. When the skin redness is completely subsided, re-start the application of cysteamine cream with lower exposure times (5 to 10 minutes only) and/or the frequency of applications (once every other day). Increase moisturiser application during the day. The exposure time can be gradually increased to 15 minutes over a few weeks if no signs of redness exist.

Dryness of the skin may occur in the first few days of application, while the skin is adjusting. The frequent use of moisturisers is very important as skin dryness increases the tendency for skin irritation. In the case skin dryness does not subside with the frequent use of moisturisers, the “stop and re-start” protocol, as mentioned above, should be done.

A tingling sensation might occur immediately after application, but it will usually disappear 30 minutes after washing off the skin. This is a normal reaction and may happen during the first few days of treatment.
True allergic reactions to cysteamine cream are quite rare. However, itchiness can be a sign of allergy and in the case of sustained itchiness the product must be discontinued. Decreasing the exposure time does not solve the problem of allergy. In this case a few days of treatment with a low- or moderate potency topical corticosteroid might be necessary.

Worsening of Hyperpigmentation

Redness might be confused with hyperpigmentation. 
If skin irritation is not managed and the applications are continued despite the inflammation, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation might occur.

Time Frame For Clinical Results To Be Seen With Cyspera:

In clinical studies, results were seen as early as 4 weeks with daily use. After 16 weeks of usage, significant improvement in the appearance of skin discoloration has been observed.
Individual results may vary. Maintenance can be continued indefinitely

Flawless And Glowing Skin With Cyspera® In 16 Weeks


Clinically proven results:
92% of subjects saw significant improvement in the appearance of brown patches 
67% pigment correction in the appearance of stubborn discoloration

Based on clinical setting observations, improvement continues to be seen after 16 weeks and cysteamine has been prescribed for 6 months of daily use with positive results.


Apply one pump as a thin layer on a clean & rested skin. (whole face)

Do not wash the skin before application. If necessary to wash (remove makeup), wait for one hour before application.

Leave on for 15 minutes (a warming sensation or mild tingling may occur and last up to 30 min). 

1st application leave on for only 5 minutes for the first week , the Second week leave on for 15 minutes and thereafter.