Artisan Cosmoceuticals : Recovery Max Booster - patented natural plant-derived ingredients for immediate skin recovery after lasers, microneedle, skinboosters, microneedle RF treatments

Artisan Cosmoceuticals : Recovery Max Booster - patented natural plant


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Introducing Artisan Cosmoceuticals’ new Artisan Recovery Max Booster!

Wave goodbye to long recovery times (after deep SkinBooster treatments , fractional laser treatments , Microneedle treatments ) with our proprietary Artisan Recovery Max Booster ! ⁣

Just 30 mins to heal your skin. 

Designed by Dr Isaac Wong (our medical director) and contains the main ingredient of Glycine Max Extract. It provides the skin with strong regeneration capabilities and adequate protection against radiation-related inflammation. 

The special formulation forms a moisturizing film to promote cell regeneration and strenghtens the cell hydration and collagen proliferation capacity. 


It has the below properties  :⁣

1. Wound healing & skin-repairing⁣ (accelerates Platelet-Derived Growth Factor level and promotes cell regeneration effect)

2. Anti-inflammatory⁣ (reducing cytokine IL-1 beta, TNF-alpha, and NF-kB level, soothing skin redness and swelling)

3. Anti-oxidant ⁣(plant-derived anti-oxidants improve anti-aging and skin renewal function )

4. Brightening ingredients. (improves glutathione synthesis, secreting moisture factor-collagen hydration factor and elastin)


 It’s great for after lasers, threadlifts, fillers and micro-needle RF treatments for an immediate, enhanced recovery. 

The amazing benefits include reducing the appearance of dark eye circles, lighten pigment spots, skin-calming, anti-inflammation, and anti-oxidant. 

It is also used for diabetic foot ulcer recovery in overseas hospitals, as you can see in the photo in the product description. If it can heal a diabetic patient's foot ulcer well, it can most likely heal your facial skin after more invasive aesthetic treatments as well. 


Usage Instructions

Apply 1 vial of our rich, recovery MAX BOOSTER GEL on your skin post aesthetic treatment. Apply a thicker layer over the injection points, swollen areas.

Recommended to use TWO VIALS PER DAY for the fastest recovery results.

Apply 2-3 days for best results.