Aknicare Treatment Lotion : dermatologist-use to calm down acne (pimple) lesions fast

Aknicare Treatment Lotion : dermatologist-use to calm down acne (pimpl

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The MUST-USE lotion for treating active acne ( pimple ) lesions, dries up pus-filled pimples and even blackheads and whiteheads fast. 

Reduces inflammation / redness / pain fast to prevent scarring. 

  • Clinically proven over 80% success rates
  • Recommended by top dermatologist 
  • Less and less new spots every day
  • Inflammation calmed quickly
  • Acne causing bacteria dead many times faster than Antibiotics
  • Clear blemish free, fresh bright skin
  • Reduced oil by over 50% in clinical studies


With GT peptide-10 Lotion for acne prone seborrhoeic skin

25ml Aknicare® Lotion also contains an exfoliant, two anti-bacterial agents and a free radical neutraliser, which helps to calm and sooth existing inflammation.

Aknicare® Lotion is designed to assist in creating a spot free environment in the skin.

It optimises the environment so that normalisation of oil levels and skin shedding can occur, while also re-establishing the correct diameter of the pilo-sebaceous duct.

The Lotion takes a little time to boost linoleic acid levels whereas (sebum)oil production may slow down faster resulting in initial increased skin moisture loss, resulting in drier skin.