Préime DermaFacial

Préime DermaFacial


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Preime Basic  $180 (Usual $250)

Recommended for people with dull and congested skin. Clients can expect a more even, smoother skin tone, clear and refined pores.

Preime Hydralift  $280 (Usual $350)

Recommended for people with skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles. Clients can expect lifted, firmer skin and a younger, hydrated and fresher-looking appearance.

Preime Signature  $380 (Usual $450)

Recommended for people who are looking for skin regeneration and rejuvenation. This is the treatment that uses all five of the Hydrafacial Technologies for a complete luxury facial treatment. Clients can expect clear, refined pores, younger, fresher-looking skin, even skin tone and firmer, lifted skin.


The Artisan Wellness is proud to be offering one of the world’s most advanced aesthetic facial device - Preime. We are the first medispa in East ASIA to offer this latest aesthetic device!!

The Préime DermaFacial is a pioneer in combination therapy offering five powerful technologies, allowing the curation of personalised treatments.

1. AquaB - high tech spiral 🌀 movement with vacuum technology in conjunction with Preime’s bespoke patented solutions to deep cleanse, hydrate and prepare the skin for the next steps in Preime.
2. UltraB - special tech to enhance absorption of active ingredients in Preime’s patented dermafacial solutions
3. Vibrox - microdermabrasion + vibration + LED for skin smoothing, massage and regeneration
4. MicroT - electric microcurrents to stimulate facial muscle tightening and lifting
5. Collagen+ - RF technology to heat up skin tissues to 42degrees for skin tightening and collagen production


The Préime DermaFacial has been designed by skincare experts, for skincare experts.

With so many functions, our doctors and therapists and diagnose your skin and decide on a customised treatment plan for your skin. You may need all 5 handpieces, or just 3, or just 4. The most intelligent skin treatment solution available in medispas now !