PicoSure Pro (1 session) - FIRST CLINIC TO LAUNCH THE LATEST PICOLASER IN THE WORLD IN SOUTH EAST ASIA that targets all skin conditions



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PicoSure Pro

You would have known about PicoSure which is the FIRST ever Picosecond Laser to be invented by CynoSure. It took the world by storm.

Now , the latest upgrade and offering is available by CynoSure again! It is called PicoSure PRO. It is ONLY AVAILABLE IN SINGAPORE at THE ARTISAN CLINIC.

PicoSure Pro is designed for faster, more effective way to remove pigmentation, reduce open pores, create collagen production (unlike old lasers which thin the skin) and skin smoothening effects ( reducing fine lines and wrinkles) , all WITH MINIMAL DOWNTIME.

PicoSure has won many awards including the MultiPurpose Laser Award and Singapore Women's Weekly Best Brightening Laser 2021.

PicoSure Pro Advantages : 


2. New Platinum Focus Lens (better than the current PicoSure Focus Lens)

3. Faster treatments ( ONLY 10mins as compared to 15-20mins with PicoSure)

4. Minimal downtime ( almost nil.)

Now, purchase this celebrity picolaser used by Fan Bing Bing and Jamie Yeo !

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PicoSure is a pico laser which is also known as the Fan Bing Bing laser because guess what? Fan Bing Bing was caught by paparazzi trying to sneak into one of the first PicoSure clinics in Taipei to perform this treatment.

Locally here in Singapore, Jamie Yeo has also become a big lover of this laser machine ever since she tried it with me and look at her glowing skin below! Celebrities have to look good constantly and they would not try any unproven treatment.

They have to choose a laser that not only produces GREAT RESULTS IN JUST ONE SESSION (because they won’t have time to keep going frequently to aesthetic clinics), it must also have NO DOWNTIME. The youngest top-ranked badminton player in the world, Dai Tzu Ying is also the official ambassador of PicoSure in Taiwan.

PicoSure has proved itself to be the pico laser celebrities in Singapore and worldwide choose. If it is GOOD ENOUGH for celebrities, it must be good enough FOR YOU TOO!


What are Picosecond lasers?

Picosecond means 1×10-12seconds. Nanosecond means 1×10-9 seconds. A pico laser produces laser pulses with a pulse width of 0.000000000001 seconds. Yes, that is 12 digits behind the decimal point. A nanosecond laser produces laser pulses with the pulse width of 0.000000001 seconds (9 digits behind the decimal point). A pico laser produces pulse widths that are 1000 times shorter than the nanosecond lasers.

PicoSure - long and short pulse
Picosecond pulses have shorter pulse durations than nanosecond lasers and thus, there is no damage caused to adjacent structures or unwanted heat generated

”What’s the big deal about a much shorter pulse width? The nanosecond Q switch Nd:Yag lasers are commonly available and can do the job also.”- you may ask.

Well, the jump from nanosecond laser to PICOSECOND laser is A BIG DEAL. When the pulse width is so much shorter, it leads to :

  1. More effective laser absorption by pigments leading to lesser sessions needed and better clearance of pigments
  2. Much lower chance of side effects like Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

Just imagine a Commando officer trying to steal a top-secret document from the enemy’s office. He probably is more stealth-like, takes a shorter time to find and retrieve the document without messing up the whole office. In fact, nobody would realise that the document is stolen.

Now imagine a normal police officer doing the same. He brings a search warrant, making sure everybody in the officer knows that he is there to do his job. He brings many other junior officers, rummages through all the cabinets and papers, and in the end, he may not even find the top-secret document that he wants to find!

In this analogy, the Commando would be the Picosecond Laser and the police officer the Nanosecond Laser. The Pico laser generates photo-acoustic energy (laser energy becoming only mechanical energy which breaks the pigments into sand-like pieces which can be removed by the skin easily), without side effects. The Nanosecond Laser generates more photo-thermal energy (laser energy converted into heat) and heats the melanin in the skin. When melanin is stimulated excessively, it proliferates and becomes darker, resulting in side effects of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.


Tattoo ink response to laser
Picosure laser shatters pigments/tattoo ink into much smaller particles as compared to Q-switched laser

Would you want the Pico Laser or the NanoSecond Laser to treat your pigmentation?

What is PicoSure and how is it different from other pico lasers?

Let us find out why PicoSure is superior to other pico-lasers in the market.

  1. It is the first commercially available Pico Laser. Cynosure company is the inventor of the picosecond laser technology. They were also the inventor of the nanosecond technology (present in Medlite and Revlite and subsequently copied by all the copycat machines from Korea, Israel etc). As we have read from the above, picosecond laser technology is much more effective at removing pigmentation WITHOUT THE COLLATERAL DAMAGE AND SIDE EFFECTS. Therefore, Cynosure, being the inventor of this technology, is way ahead of their counterparts in terms of the technological developments of laser technology, thus delivering reliable, safe, reproducible results.
  1. It is a 755nm Alexandrite laser – which is revolutionary because the previous popular pigmentation lasers ( Q-switched Nd:Yag lasers) were either 532nm or 1064nm. The 532nm laser was good for removing superficial pigments and the 1064nm lasers were good for removing deeper dermal pigments, however Cynosure (the inventors of the Medlite and Revlite – original Q switched Nd:Yag lasers) outdid themselves this time.

Their research and innovation discovered that 755nm is even better than 532nm or 1064nm at removing tattoos and pigments! Cynosure already was the market leader with Medlite and Revlite in the world of medical pigmentation treatment, they could have easily rested on their laurels and not spent any further funds on research, and just keep reaping the benefits of their original Q-switch Nd:Yag Medlite and Revlite. But what did they do? They invented the first commercial Picosecond 755nm Alexandrite laser (which is a super risky investment if this new technology didn’t deliver!)

  1. It is US FDA-approved for pigmentation removal, tattoo removal and acne scars removal.

What is the Beehive Lens 蜂巢皮秒 a.k.a Focus Lens Array?

The Focus Lens Array is DA BOMB, THE CRÈME DE LA CRÈME of all laser machines. I would even go so far as to call the Focus Lens “God’s gift to laser doctors”. Why is that so?

Before the invention of PicoSure and the Focus Lens Array, many lasers (e.g Q switched Nd:Yag, long-pulsed lasers etc) that claimed to stimulate the skin to produce collagen hardly delivered their promises at all. All they did was generate a lot of diffuse heat which didn’t show much results. This was one of the main reasons I disliked performing lasers and FOCUSED (pun intended) mainly on injectables and threadlifts (because I like to deliver visible results in just ONE SESSION OF TREATMENT).


"Once I tried the Focus Lens on my patients, they all messaged me back after just 3-4 days, thanking me for the treatment as they can feel their pores shrink already and their skin glowing and smooth! At first, I thought it was just a one-off when the first patient messaged me, but as the testimonials kept coming, I knew I was onto a winner in PicoSure’s Focus Lens Array."



Dr Israr Wong PicoSure Laser Patient Testimonials

It is a special lens that can be fixed onto the Picosure flat handpieces (6mm, 8mm or 10mm handpieces) to shrink pores and make our skin produce collagen and elastin for skin rejuvenation (read: smoother, firmer, glowy, fairer and healthier skin with smaller pores). It is made up of multiple hexagons overlapping each other (looking like a beehive and thus the mainland Chinese patients have coined PicoSure as 蜂巢皮秒 .)



PicoSure – REVOLUTIONARY NO DOWNTIME Acne Scar Treatment

If you’re familiar with other machines for acne scars treatment, they are mostly fractionally ablative lasers or radiofrequency or both. Fractionally ablative lasers (eg fractional CO2) remove 20-30% of the top layer of the skin, and leaving the surrounding untouched healthy skin to regenerate the removed skin. Not only is there heat damage, but there is also mechanical/physical damage to the skin as well. Infini involves physical poking of fine needles into the acne scars before it releases the RF energy that is full of heat.

It is no surprise that poor wound healing, scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation are common side effects of fractional lasers/RF and Infini.

Subcision – a popular method for acne scar treatment is severely painful and has bad downtime of pain, swelling and even bruising. This is due to the nature of the treatment using mechanical sharp force to break open tethering acne scars.

PicoSure Focus Lens causes very specific localised spots of collagen regeneration without damaging the skin surface – thus there is NO DOWNTIME and MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS as compared to semi-ablative fractional lasers / RF.

This is where PicoSure shines through as the super intelligent laser of the future, able to perform the ultra-difficult task of removing acne scars and yet not removing the top layer of the skin, resulting in virtually ZERO DOWNTIME. PicoSure is fast making fractional lasers obsolete with this Focus Lens technology.


You can take a look at my cases below:

PicoSure Results
Fairer, smoother skin with 70-80% of pigments removed after just 1 session of PicoSure.
PicoSure Laser Results
Not only the stubborn acne scars are reduced tremendously, the surrounding skin is smoother, firmer and healthier looking with lesser fine lines.
Picosure Hand Rejuvenation
Even the skin of your hands can be rejuvenated with PicoSure. With Dr Israr Wong and PicoSure, you can be SURE of GOOD SKIN.

Remember, PicoSure gives you visible improvements in one session. Do not expect anything less from us!

What would I expect after PicoSure treatment?

Great Skin! Jokes aside, you should expect your skin to become warm, and slightly red (like a mild sunburn effect). The warmth and redness takes between 1-8 hours to go away. We apply a cooling healing growth factors mask to soothe the skin’s redness .

Depending on your condition, I may also recommend other complementary treatments to be done together with PicoSure. You can find out more about those during consultation.

How long does PicoSure treatment take and how frequent should I do it?

The laser treatment itself takes 20-30 minutes, the pre-laser numbing cream takes 10-20 minutes, the post-treatment mask takes 20 minutes.

One should do Picosure once a month, until you achieve fantastic skin, and then perform maintenance treatments once every 2-3 months thereafter.


PicoSure is truly the CELEBRITY ALL-IN-ONE LASER for pigmentation removal, acne scars removal,  tattoo removal, pore-shrinking and skin rejuvenation and probably the best pico laser on the market now.

There is NO DOWNTIME, and you can see VISIBLE RESULTS after just ONE SESSION.