Artisan StimSure - 1 Session

Artisan StimSure - 1 Session


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StimSure uses non-invasive electromagnetic technology to cause muscle contractions within your muscles. Through the stimulation of voluntary contractions, patients are able to make huge progress towards their goal physiques within a few sessions.

The StimSure device uses two electromagnetic applicators that can be used at the same time to target identical muscle groups (for example, both thighs). Depending on the target area, either one or two applicators can be used..

In the Artisan body trinity, we use it to minimize any saggy skin created by fat loss as well as to give areas like the abdomen and buttocks a smooth appearance.

Approximately 20-40 minutes procedure

Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Allow you to obtain a six pack without exercise

Give your buttocks a natural lift

A treatment is akin to doing 20 thousand situps!


How StimSure works?

By the generation of a very strong inductive magnetic field, the muscle will obtain the highest possible contraction. During a single treatment of StimSure, you can expect your muscle to undergo around 27,000 contractions! This is impossible to achieve through normal exercise and voluntary contractions.

By undergoing such intense contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt and repair itself, becoming stronger and harder. This allows for both muscle growth as well as reduction of fat around that muscle group.

The great benefit of electromagnetic fields is that they can penetrate each part of the body without causing any damage to the structures of your bones, cells, organs and tissues. Through the stimulation of your muscles and blood vessels, electromagnetic therapy can also have the further benefit of activating your cells and cell membranes in order to increase overall electrochemical function.


Which parts of my body can I use StimSure?

StimSure is generally used on the stomach and the buttocks, as these are areas that tend to have hard to lose fat. These areas tend to also look unattractive when they are flabby.


What does getting a StimSure treatment feel like?

A single session of StimSure takes around 20 to 40 minutes to complete.