Artisan 11/11 Specials [1 For 1] StimSure

Artisan 11/11 Specials [1 For 1] StimSure

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Artisan 11/11 Specials

Redeem 1-for-1 StimSure treatment. 


StimSure® is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive muscle building and toning technology from Cynosure.

The Cynosure body sculpting product line now includes StimSure, making it the most comprehensive offering in the sector.

Artisan clinic offers a complete body shaping package by combining TempSure skin tightening treatments with SculpSure technology for fat destruction.With just heat and cool technologies, it can be difficult to get the required and consistent results, but the Cynosure portfolio allows us to treat patients holistically and assist them in achieving their physical goals.

How does StimSure work?

The StimSure paddles generate an electromagnetic field that induces an electric current in the muscles, similar to how it would during exercise or movement — the muscle contracts.

Maximum tetanic contraction is caused by the stimulus maintaining the muscles in a constant state of tension. The motor neuron cells in the body's muscles are stimulated to produce an action potential by the electric current. This regular muscle contraction effectively facilitate the development of muscle fibres.

Stubborn belly fat - front view.
Loose skin from the waist down.

The new electromagnetic device delivers 24,000 muscle contractions in just 20-30 minutes for natural-looking, consistent results.

By the generation of a very strong inductive magnetic field, the muscle will obtain the highest possible contraction. During a single treatment of StimSure, you can expect your muscle to undergo around 24,000 contractions. This is impossible to achieve through normal exercise and voluntary contractions.

By undergoing such intense contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt and repair itself, becoming stronger and harder. This allows for both muscle growth as well as reduction of fat around that muscle group.

The great benefit of electromagnetic fields is that they can penetrate each part of the body without causing any damage to the structures of your bones, cells, organs and tissues. Through the stimulation of your muscles and blood vessels, electromagnetic therapy can also have the further benefit of activating your cells and cell membranes in order to increase overall electrochemical function.

  • Builds and tones muscle safely with visible results.
  • Suitable for most patients.
  • Short treatment time of between 20-30 minutes, depending on the muscle group being targeted.
  • 6-8 treatments (2 times a week) for optimum results.
  • Pre-set programmes allow personalised treatment plans.

StimSure is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to get rid stubborn belly fat
  • Have no time to exercise regularly
  • Looking for a quick and easy way to shape and tone your body
  • Want to tighten loose skin