Artisan 11/11 Specials [1 For 1] CFU

Artisan 11/11 Specials [1 For 1] CFU

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Artisan 11/11 Specials

Redeem 1-for-1 CFU treatment. 


Non-surgical aesthetic procedure with remarkable clinical outcomes.

CFU: The technological innovation, able to act in depth, previously only achievable with surgery.

Centerless: Selective Thermal Effect

The ultrasonic wave emitted by the centerless transducer flows precisely into the point of focus, where it reaches a temperature above 65°C, necessary to promote the contraction of collagen fibres without damaging the skin on the surface.

CFU Easyzoom

Easy focalization system that concentrates the ultrasonic energy precisely in the skin layer to be treated, at the desired depth, generating a regenerative thermal energy.

Exclusive Design

The unique ergonomic design of the cartridge makes work easier, allowing wide visibility and accurate precision on the emission zone. The different application modes simplify operation.

Easyflow Rapidity Of Emission

The EASYFLOW technology emits a succession of focused energy points at high speed and at different frequencies, allowing to speed up the procedure considerably.


Treatment Indications

Aesthetic facial and body treatment (Non medical)

  • Firming and skin rejuvenation.
  • Non-invasive lifting effect of the face and of the neck.
  • Inelastic skin of the neck and cleavage.
  • Reduction of periocular, maxillary and nasolabial wrinkles.
  • Treatment of build-ups of localized fat.
  • Treatment of acne scars.


Medical treatment of Hyperhidrosis (Medical)

The medical procedure with high intensity focused ultrasound has proven to be effective and safe for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis and Osmohidrosis. 

Focused ultrasound can be used to treat both the eccrine glands, responsible for excessive sweating, and the apocrine glands, responsible for bad smell.

The treatment is carried out quickly and painlessly, without the use of toxins, without side effects, achieving immediate improvement with lasting results.