11/11 Specials [1 For 1] Artisan Tempsure : Celebrity Facelift (Her World Facelift Award 2021) for immediate skin tightening and lifting

11/11 Specials [1 For 1] Artisan Tempsure : Celebrity Facelift (Her Wo

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Artisan 11/11 Specials

Redeem 1-for-1 TempSure treatment. 

Artisan's 2021 Award-Winning HER WORLD BEST NON INVASIVE FACELIFT TempSure Treatment.

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Jamie Yeo reviews Artisan’s award-winning Tempsure Treatment.

BubbaMamma Lifestyle Blog reviews Artisan's TempSure Facelift Treatment

"Utilising mono radiofrequency (RF), which is said to go deeper into skin, the TempSure treatment heats skin up to 42 deg C to encourage collagen contraction and formation. This, in turn, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as tightens the skin. The treatment is a favourite with actresses Sue Tan, Lynn Poh, Jamie Yeo and Magdalene See.

The real-time temperature display on the machine, along with a monitoring function that ensures consistency at each session, allows the therapist to ensure that the RF energy delivered is precise and exact, while having a response time that is up to 100 times quicker than other machines. This means the treatment is not only safe, but efficient. 

There is little downtime, and you’ll see results immediately, with greater improvements after two weeks. For best results, three monthly sessions are recommended, which would deliver results that can last up to a year. The treatment costs $2,000 per session ($4,500 for a package of three sessions).


What Happened After We Tried It

“I met Dr Isaac Wong, founder and medical director of The Artisan Clinic and The Artisan Wellness, who explained what the TempSure treatment could do for my skin concerns – sagging jowls, along with nasolabial, marionette and frown lines – and learnt that the machine is one of a handful in Singapore. The treatment, however, is done by a therapist. As it’s touted to be a comfortable and bearable treatment, no numbing cream is used prior to the procedure. 

My face was massaged in circular and lifting motions using a handheld applicator. The most sensitive area was the jawline, where I definitely felt the heat. But my therapist reassured me that this was normal, and that it was the applicator reaching the desired temperature for the treatment to work. Areas that were more comfortable were around the mid-face, while there was some sensitivity at the forehead and eye area. 

The therapist was attentive, and even gave the jowls area another once over to ensure that I got a smoother, more defined, and even lift. 

I saw an instantaneous lift after the treatment – the jowls didn’t look so heavy, eyebrows were lifted (I could even see more of my double eyelid), and my nasolabial and marionette lines appeared softer. In addition, my face also achieved more of a V-shape, so I looked a little younger.

My skin felt more bouncy and firm too. And as my skin was less loose, my pores looked more refined as well. My therapist told me I would see a bigger difference after two weeks – and I did. My lines definitely looked softer and not as deep, and the lift was more prominent.

With effects that last a year, and results that I can immediately see after the session, I would rate the investment as 10/10.”

The Artisan Wellness is at #14-09 Paragon Medical Suites, tel: 9818-7887 / 8808-9887."

TempSure is a non-invasive RF treatment technology that utilizes RF energy (radiofrequency) in order to tighten, smoothen and tone loose or saggy skin of the FACE and NECK and BODY. 


About TempSure

TempSure delivers high frequency RF energy to areas of the body that are likely to have loose or saggy skin. Through sending the RF energy deep into the skin tissue, this triggers natural collagen growth which will firm and tighten the problem areas.

Through the use of specific applicators, our team will treat target areas using the TempSure handpieces which will lightly glide over problem areas as you are comfortably reclined. TempSure treatments are painless and fuss-free, and you are able to return to your daily activities immediately after.

This entire process can take between 20-40 minutes. TempSure is generally used on the:



Love handlesLove handles



What kind of results can I expect?

The results for TempSure can vary from individual to individual. Collagen growth is a gradual process that can take some time for it to fully come into effect. Expect to see results across 3-6 months after treatments. You are generally recommended to go for at least 4-5 treatments at one month intervals in order to attain the best results.